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About Us

About the Program

Listening and watching Arab TV stations and media is an important part of learning the Arabic language, especially since there are so many dialects. In addition to helping learn the language, learning Arabic via TV shows helps you to get an understanding of each country’s culture.

In our program, we are going take you to the next level where you will get the most out of watching and listening to the Arab media and TV programs. We arranged the process in special courses that take into consideration your time and budget. You can consider these courses reading and listening courses, but with more fun and enjoyable material. Each course has a series of short videos that are taken from Arabic language TV shows. The teacher extracts the new words from the shows and re-reads these words and their sentences in a way that is easy for the Arabic language students. Each week you will have a new video in the series. Not only this, but you will also have a space under the video to ask the tutor a question about the video and be able discuss it with other students. The teacher will be available to answer your questions.

Do you need more? No worries! We are open to suggestions. Just fill out the suggestion form, and we will take your suggestions into consideration as soon as we can.

Course Packages

We have four courses: Saturday Night Live bil ‘Arabi; Maraya: Syrian Dialect; Marti wa Ana: Lebanese Dialect; and Modern Standard Arabic. The basic monthly plan is $20 per month. You get four videos each month, roughly one video per week, plus email, chat, and forum support. To register for a class, sign up here: SIGN UP then click on the class below and click the TAKE THIS COURSE link.

Is the program for you?


At any stage in your language learning program, a program like this can be helpful to learn the language. However, to get the most out of our program, we recommend that you be at the intermediate level and up. It is also helpful if you can already read the Arabic alphabet. We offer a free evaluation test to measure your level. We recommend a B score or above in the test to maximize your progress, however, you are welcome to enroll no matter what your level is.

The evaluation test

In case you are are still in the beginning stages, we are currently working on classes for beginners to prepare you for our program. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates. SIGN UP